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Jennifer sent a great picture of Santiago!

July 23rd, 2013 · Comments Off

Jennifer and Noah are in their last week of the internship in Santiago.  I can’t wait to hear all their stories!


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Letter from Noah - Next Weekend in Santiago

July 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

            For the past couple days I have been trying to sit down and write about this past weekend here in Santiago.  Now finally on this dreary last day at the Sodexo office I find some time to look back on all we did.     

            The weekend officially started when we left the office around six and headed back to the apartment.  We had made plans with our friend Patricio and one of his friends to get together for dinner later that night.  At about nine thirty, we met Patricio and his friend Natalia then walked to a little Italian place on the street.       

            We all decided to get various types of individual pizzas to share with one another.  After a great dinner and wonderful conversation, Patricio asked if we were interested in going to a club nearby for some dancing.  We both happily accepted the offer and headed for the club. 

            The club was just like any normal nightclub you imagine when thinking of a nightclub.  Being a Friday night at about eleven thirty, the place was packed.  They played mostly Spanish music that had a good beat to dance to but I did not know what was being said.  However, for about an hour they played all pop hit songs from the US.  It was nice to hear some familiar music and funny to see the people singing along to it.  Even though they had no idea what was being said in the songs. 

            Time flew by as we danced and before we knew it was about four in the morning.  We decided to call it a night and headed to the apartment for some much needed rest. 

            Since we were out so late the night before, we spent most of Saturday catching up on sleep.  Later that day we were having a little get together and barbeque with Patricio, Walther, and his family.  We cooked up some chicken, pork, beef, and some Chilean chorizo.  As we grilled, we sat and talked about all kinds of topics.  Everything was fantastic and we were stuffed when it was all said and done.  After dinner we cleaned up and went back to the apartment for the night. 

            On Sunday we decided that since it was a nice sunny day here in Santiago, we would visit Cerro San Cristobal.  We arrived at the foot of the monstrous hill and decided to ride the funicular up the side of the hill.  The funicular or cable car sent us a little less than half way up the hill to the entrance of the Santiago National Zoo.  Inside the zoo we saw so many different animals, from a white tiger to penguins and everything in between. 

            After exploring the zoo for quite some time, we got back on the funicular and rode the rest of the way up Cerro San Cristobal.  When we arrived at the stop for the funicular, we got off and took in the breath taking view.  It was quite busy up here with many runners and bicyclists; I could never imagine biking all the way of this titan of a hill.  We did some shopping at the couple of stores up there.

            Having not actually reached the actual top of San Cristobal where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located, we continued up.  We finally reached the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary and where the seventy-two foot statue loomed over the hill.  After some pictures of the scenic view, we headed down San Cristobal to find a place for lunch.

            We decided to grab some lunch at Patio Bellavista.  During lunch we looked over some ideas for our last week here in Santiago. When we were all finished, we did some more shopping at the stores here at the patio. 

            It was starting to get late and dark so we decide to head back.  We hopped on a metro station and soon arrived back at our apartment.  The rest of the night was spent with dinner in and talking to family. 

            Monday we got up and Jen had some postcards she wanted to send to family so we were able to track a post office down.  After she had her postcards all stamped and sent, we started heading back to the apartment.  On the way we came across another artisan craft fair, where we browsed and purchased a few things for friends and family. 

            We wanted to check out the huge mall here in Santiago that was on the first few floors of the tallest building in South America.  So after dropping our purchases from the fair off, we walked up the street to the mall. 

            The place was overwhelmingly huge with seven floors of all kinds of shops and boutiques.  We were starting to get hungry for lunch so we got something to eat at this little cafe in the mall.  After we were finished we explored some more, bought some groceries and went back to the apartment. 

            We had made plans that night to meet up with this girl about our age who comes to teach English at the office.  At nine, we met her at this restaurant that Jen had found in her book that served a lot of different common Chilean dishes.  We sat and ate then two of her friends arrived to join us.  The one was from Ireland, now teaching English here. And the other was from London, studying Spanish literature here.  The five of us talked casually for a while and had a couple of beers.  It was getting late and Jen and I had to catch the metro yet.  So we said our goodbyes and head for the metro back to the apartment. 

            Tuesday, Patricio took us the central Santiago to see the old buildings and government buildings.  We stopped for lunch outside the Plaza de Armas, and then walked around the plaza.  At the plaza there was an old cathedral where we check out its artwork and design.  After the Plaza de Armas, we headed to the Cultural Center.  There we viewed some modern art as well as some old native Chilean artwork. 

            When we were done in the center of Santiago we headed back up toward our apartment.  On the way we stopped at Emporio La Rosa again for some ice cream.  We sat in the park for a while enjoying our ice cream. 

            It was starting to get to be late in the afternoon and Patricio was going to visit his sister.  So he dropped us of at our apartment and we said goodbye.  We spent the rest of the night at the apartment and I made chicken with an orange cream sauce and smashed redskins.  Jen and I both headed to bed at a fairly decent time to get some rest for work the next day.


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Jennifer - Third Week Post…Chilly in Chile!

July 18th, 2013 · Comments Off

Jennifer Kern
18 July 2013
It is my third week in Santiago, Chile as I am currently warming my hands with the 3rd cup of hot chocolate in the office.  In case you didn´t know, Chileans drink a lot of coffee; and for someone like myself who does not enjoy coffee…well I try to fit in with hot chocolate!  So far, I have been acting like a typical Chilean… drinking ten cups of coffee (in my case hot chocolate) for breakfast,  not eating lunch until  1:00pm – 3:00pm, and then dinner beginning at the early hour of 9:00pm.  In addition, I´m speaking more Spanish, and I get about five hours of sleep on average, just like everyone else here, haha!  How do they do it?  Don´t ask me.  I´m just glad I became part Chilean last week.
For sightseeing, I have had a great time.  Last Sunday, a funicular took Noah and I to the top of Cerro San Cristobal (where I viewed the Andes Mountains and had a birds-eye view of the city of Santiago).  Monday, we explored a gigantic mall and viewed the tallest building in South America.   In addition, a small town named Bellavista, well known for its artisans, cafes, and cozy cobblestone streets has become a place where we visit often.  As it is winter here, restaurants in Bellavista have little patio fireplaces to keep the guests warm, as many people sit close to the fire while sipping on coffee, beer, or great Chilean wine.
The culture here is overwhelming for me to comprehend at times, in a good way of course!  The display of love and kindness is one of the biggest cultural differences.  It is obvious in many places in Santiago, especially in the parks.  Friends, co-workers, and family make sure they give hugs, handshakes, and kisses every time they gather and say goodbye.  This custom makes me feel happy to see, and even happier to be a part of it.  Hugs and Chou!

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Noah’s 2nd Week blog from Santiago

July 17th, 2013 · Comments Off

            Though my first official day of the internship was last week, I feel that I really started to be a productive intern this past Monday.  On Monday, we arrived here at the headquarters at eight thirty by way of the metro.  Having ridden different metros and subways before, I found it very easy. 

            Getting into the office, I met with Julio to talk about my trip up to La Serena last week.  I told him about what I saw, learned, and had taken away from the experience.  He was very happy with what I brought back and that I would be meeting with the architects later that afternoon. 

            After lunch and putting finishing touches on my report from the prison, I met with the architects.  We discussed what I saw and felt could be improved and changed.  Finally we drew up a new blueprint lay-out for the central kitchen that we all found efficient.  When the meeting was over I answered a few emails until it was time to go. 

            Back at the apartment that night Jen and I decided to stay in and cook ourselves.  Feeling kind of lazy, we chose to do whip up some spaghetti with a meat sauce.  It was good but at the same time kind of different.  I find the pasta here to have more of a starchy taste to them, but still good.  We both spoke to our families a little while then headed to bed. 

            Tuesday I met with one of the people from Human Resources and they talked about what my next project was.  I would be working with them to set up a program to train the staff of the central kitchen at the prison on the new equipment.  They were very busy so they showed me some ideas they had and told me to do some research. 

            I spent the rest of the day working at my desk looking up different types of training programs and trying to see what would be most effective.  At the end of the day, Jen and I headed back to the apartment.  We went out explored for a little, got something to eat and called it a night. 

            Wednesday, I spent all day continuing to gather information to present to the HR people.  At this point, I had gathered quite a bit of information and was very proud of the work I had done.  I was unable to meet with the HR people today, so a meeting is planned for Thursday. 

      That night at the apartment, Jen and I stayed in and cooked.  I prepared for us crispy skin chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce and roasted dill potatoes.  After cleaning up the kitchen, we talked to our families and headed to bed. 

            We had heard the day before that there might be strikes and protests by workers and students so we only spent half the day at the office on Thursday.  The rest of the day we stayed in the apartment and did laundry.  Luckily nothing happened near our apartment.

             Since we left early on Thursday, on Friday I met with the people I was working with and we discussed my findings and ideas.  They were very receptive of the ideas I brought forward and thanked me for my help.

            After lunch I met with my boss, Julio.  He told me that next Wednesday that they would be sending me to another prison.  As well, he told me that Tuesday was a holiday that I wouldn’t need to come in Tuesday or Monday.  He told me we would talk Wednesday morning at the office.   I spent the rest of the day answering some emails.  At the ended of the day, Jen and I headed back to the apartment to start our four day weekend.

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Noah’s First Weekend in Santiago

July 11th, 2013 · Comments Off

After a quite exhaustingly busy week, this past weekend was a calm and relaxing time.  Saturday morning, while Jen rose at about nine, I decided to take in some extra hours of zzzz.  For me as a chef, it is not often that I have weekends off so I cherished the opportunity to sleep in.  At eleven, I felt it was time to do something productive on this day off in Chile and got up.
Jen and I decided to check out a very popular restaurant area called Bellavista.  So we got ready and headed out the door.  Since we had not yet taken the metro here and we didn’t feel comfortable taking it on the first time we were on our own, we chose to walk.  It was a long walk to Bellavista, about forty minutes.  But there was a lot of parks and scenery to see on the way so it was worth it.
Jen had brought a book about Chile on the trip and we had found a restaurant we wanted to try-out.  Unfortunately we were unable to find it, but in the process we found a wonderful and little pizzeria.  We sat and talked for what seemed like forever even through our lunch, which I might add was some of the best pizza I ever had!  All kinds of topics popped up from friends to family to even Keystone.
Bellavista has the Santiago National Zoo, so we decided to check it out.  As we walked up to the entrance Jen´s eyes lit up.  Outside the gates was a man holding the reins of a llama.  Now reading this, one may not know, but Jen loves Alpacas!  While not exactly an Alpaca, seeing a llama was just as good.  She was so happy and I took a picture of her petting it.
The National Santiago Zoo is located going up the side of a hill so besides the animals, it gives a great chance to get some great pictures.  Unfortunately this day was cloudy and foggy so we decided to save the zoo for another day.
As we were walking, exploring the area, we came across a little place called Patio Bellavista.  It was filled many little shops and restaurants.  Passing on the restaurants for this visit we browsed the shops.  There were many different kinds of touristy shops such as artwork, copper work, and jewelry.
After some exploring we decide to walk to this ice cream place that was talked about in Jen´s book that was not far from here.  On our way though, we came across another plaza of shops this one with more handcrafted items such as carved wooden toys, instruments and figures.  We spent a long time exploring the little shops.  Finally, after making a few purchases for others, and ourselves, we got back to finding the ice cream shop.
                We were a little confused at first, but we were able to find the place, Emporio La Rosa.  We were so happy to have found a place out of the book.  It was starting to get dark and having quite a walk back, we chose to get our ice cream to go.
                Finally, what seemed like forever, we got back to the apartment.  With feet aching and sleepiness setting in, we decided we would just stay in the rest of the night.  That was until Jen checked her email and saw that one of the guys we had met Wednesday, Patricio, had sent her a message asking if we wanted to go out with him and friends for dinner.  We were both exhausted, but decided to take him up on his offer and figured we wouldn`t be out that late.
                A side note to get a better idea of our journeys here in Chile.  Here in Chile their eating schedule is a little different.  Breakfast is around nine or ten and consists of coffee.  Then at about 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. they have lunch, which is their bigger meal of the day.  Finally they have dinner anywhere from nine to midnight.  Back to Saturday….
                Patricio picked us up at about quarter after nine and drove us to the restaurant where we were meeting his two friends.  The place just so happened to be Liguria where we had gone the night before.  Now it wasn`t the exact same one, it is actually a chain of different places.  This Liguria was much bigger than the one from the night before with three different floors… it was massive compared to the other one.
                Liguria´s menus are all in Spanish, so I was staring blindly at it.  Luckily, Patricio was there and he asked me what I was interested in, I told him to surprise me and that I would eat anything.  We ordered our food, and some drinks as well.  From recommendations from people in the office, I tried a Pisco Sour, a very popular drink in South America.  It was good, but a little strong for me.
                Our food then arrived; Patricio had ordered me gnocchi in a red sauce with beef.  It was so delicious.  We ate and talked, Patricio and his friends asking about where we came from, what we did in our free time, and how we were enjoying Chile so far.  We talked forever and finally we saw it was getting late so we paid the bill and headed out.
                Outside one of Patricio´s friends, Amira asked if we would like to come back to her place from a glass of wine.  We took her up on her offer and head back to her house.  At her place she poured us a glass and we talked more.  She had two dogs and a cat so we told her about our pets.  We talked about schools in America compared to ones hear in Chile.  Amira was quite interested as she is an English teacher here.   The night quickly got away from us and it was soon two-thirty.  We said our goodbyes and Patricio took us back to our apartment.
                On Sunday, we planned to meet Patricio again around noon, this time Valther was along with him.  Today the guys decided to take Jen and me to a much more rural area of Chile.  As we drove out of the city the landscape slowly changed from busy metro to relaxed hills.
During the drive we came across many little roadside restaurants.  Valther and Patricio decide to stop so Jen and I could sample mote con huesillo, a traditional Chilean dessert.  It consisted of a whole boiled peach, a sweet cinnamon juice, and husked wheat.  I found it was very nice and refreshing.
We continued on our journey into the mountain side until we reached our destination.  Casacada de Las Animas, an ecotourism resort with all kind of activities such as kayaking, rafting, zip lining and more.  Today we only were there to take in the scenic views, while we enjoyed lunch.
The restaurant at the resort had a selection of traditional Chilean dishes that I found interesting.  I ended up choosing a dish called Pastel de Choclo or Corn Pie.  The dish was served in an earthenware bowl with minced beef, chicken, hardboiled eggs, and olives in the bottom, all covered by mashed sweet corn.  I took a bite and was in heaven.  The mashed corn was some of the sweetest corn I had ever had.  While the alternating pieces of meat, eggs, and olives made for a surprise in every bite.  Unfortunately, like every other meal so far the portion was huge and I was unable to finish it.
After lunch we walked around the resort for a while, taking every chance to take pictures of the mountain side.  Finally, we decided to head back into the city.

We arrived at the apartment around eight and after talking to our families for a little bit, we packed it in to get some rest for work the next day.


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Jennifer and Noah with the Sodexo Directors in Chile

July 10th, 2013 · No Comments


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News from Jennifer Kern in Santiago - Week 1

July 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment

July 9th, 2013
Our first week in Chile was busy!  When we arrived, we had to find our taxi driver, get our luggage, and check into the hotel.  How hard can that be, right?  Well, when almost every person speaks another language, like Spanish, it is a major challenge and culture shock.  However, I was able to use my skills with Spanish immediately, starting with day one in the airport when we arrived in Santiago, Chile.
As we walked out of the airport in Santiago, we viewed the awe inspiring Los Andes mountains.  They were tall with snowcaps, reaching the sky.  I almost fell over just looking at them.  I soon found out the air was much colder, because the U.S. summer time, is Chile´s winter season.  It was funny to hear of barbeques on the fourth of July with 80 or 90 degree weather (fahrenheit), while wearing a scarf and winter jacket.  As Noah and I sat at a little Chilean restaurant, I kept my scarf on trying to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit to understand the temperature here.  As our week went by, we successfully bought some things in a grocery store, communicated with Chilean locals, and got in a routine with our internship at the main headquarters of Sodexo, for all of South America.  Everyone is very friendly and nice at the headquarters.  I have met a lot of people…most speaking Spanish, some speaking French, and a few speaking a little English.

Thinking back on our first week spent in Chile, the highlight was probably the weekend and seeing the Los Andes mountains.  During the weekend we found an artisan craft fair, went to dinner at a Chilean restaurant with a new friend we made through Sodexo, and were driven towards the Andes mountains to have lunch.  What an experience.  Chau, as they say here in Chile, for Bye!

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Noah and Jennifer’s First Week

July 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment

            As I sit here and reflect on this past week I am surprised we made it.  The week started very roughly when we arrived here in Santiago, Chile on Sunday, June 30th.  Getting off the plane, we found ourselves groggy and exhausted, not getting much sleep on the flight down.  We were ready to get our luggage, go to the apartment and settle in.  Unfortunately after getting through customs, we discovered that our luggage had been left in Miami, Florida.  We spoke to the representative for the airline and quickly got the situation sorted out with our luggage to arrive the next day.  With nothing but the clothes on our back and carry-ons, we left the airport and headed for our apartment. 

            We arrived at the apartment a little before noon.   Entering the apartment, I felt some relief seeing how nice the place was where we were staying for the next four weeks.  Not long after arriving, we heard from Vicente, who would be overseeing us during our stay here.  We told him about our luggage situation and that it would arrive tomorrow.  He said not to worry that everything would be okay and to not worry about coming to the office tomorrow, to just get adjusted.

            We decided to go out and get a feel for the area around our apartment.  Going outside, we found a park right across the street.  We walked over to the park, which had all kinds of statues and sculptures.  After walking through for a little while, we walked into the city streets to explore some more.  We walked for a while and found a grocery store, not far from our apartment.  Going inside, we found that their grocery store layouts were very similar to ours.  We decided to pick up a few things to have at the apartment to cook or snack on.  The sun was starting to go down so we felt it was best to head back to the apartment. 

            After getting back to the apartment, we felt tired and thought it was getting late.  But then, we looked at the clock and realized it was only about four or five.  We figured out that since it was their winter here, just like our winter days there is less sunlight in the day.  To go from our long sunny days to the short darker days here was quite an adjustment, which I coined as Season Shock.  It actually made us feel slightly depressed, but that could have been the lack of sleep talking too. 

            At about seven, we were feeling hungry and neither of us wanted to cook anything so we decided to find a place to eat.  In our travels earlier that day we had come across this place called Lomit’s.  Not knowing any other place we decided to go there.  Going in we found the place to have a diner like feel to it, with a bar to sit at or a dining room. Behind the bar were two flat top grills. Here a man cooked the sandwiches right in front of you and man did he do it fast.  He moved at lightning speed tossing meat on, toasting buns, and compiling sandwiches.  All while using a spatula in one hand and a chef’s knife in the other.  Sitting down at the bar a waiter came up to us and began to speak to us very quickly in Spanish.  Not knowing any Spanish, I sat there dazed and confused.  Luckily, Jen knows Spanish and was able to get us not just menus but menus in English, so I was able to read it.  Looking at the menu, we found Lomit’s to be mainly a sandwich shop with some entree options.  After deciding what to get , Jen and I sat and talked for a while about what we would do tomorrow.  As we sat there we began to watch the man at the grill work.  It was amazing to see him work with such precision and skill, pumping out sandwich after sandwich.  Our food finally arrived and I could not believe the size of my sandwich.  I had to cut it in half to just be able to handle it.  But it was so good, sliced roasted pork with tomatoes, avocado and mayo.  Every bite was better than the last!

            After finishing, we paid the bill and headed back to the apartment.  Once back, I hopped on my computer and called my family on Skype.  We talked for a while and I told them about the day and everything.  I was feeling very tired so I headed to bed and was asleep in no time.

            The next morning I got up around nine thirty and with nothing much to do until our luggage arrived we just relaxed around the apartment.  At about eleven thirty there was a knock on our door and it was our luggage!  We unpacked our stuff and I took a much needed shower.  After the shower, with fresh clothes on, I felt refreshed and much better.  With a better perspective, we headed out to explore some more. 

            We decided to walk to the park with sculptures in it again and spend some more time there.  While there I took many pictures of the works of art throughout the park.  When finished we walked around more of the city that we had not discovered the day before.  At around five we returned to the apartment.  Feeling hungry we decided to cook a little something for ourselves there at the apartment.  After eating both feeling tired we decided to pack it in for the night.

            On Tuesday morning, we were picked up from our apartment and headed for the Sodexo Headquarters.  Arriving there we finally met Vicente face to face and he explained more in depth what kind of plans they had for us for the next three weeks.  Afterwards, he introduced us to the Director of Education, who took us to one of the biggest schools here in Santiago. 

            The school was located up in the hills of the mountains surrounding Santiago.  With three separate buildings each twice as big as the Hibbard Center at Keystone, the school educated a little over five thousand students.  The Director of Education introduced us to the general manager and chef of the kitchen.  They showed us the basic operations of the food services of the school and treated us to lunch. At about four, we headed back to the headquarters where we met with Vicente who told us that tomorrow we would start the day by heading to one of the clinics Sodexo is contracted at and to ask for Jacqui.  Afterwards, we hopped into a taxi and head back to the apartment. 

            Once back to the apartment, we decided that neither of us felt like cooking so we went out to find a place to eat.  We walked around for a while until we came to this Italian place that looked nice.  Inside it looked like almost any typical Italian restaurant you would imagine.  Receiving the menus we found that almost every item had a picture of itself.  Looking for a bit, I found a dish that looked good.  Once we ordered, Jen and I talked about our trip to the school that day and what else was to come, shortly after the food arrived.  My dish was sautéed beef with mushrooms and greens with a spicy marsala sauce.  But once again the portion was huge so I ended up taking about half of it back to the apartment. 

            Back at the apartment I spoke to my family for about an hour, telling them about what I had done that day and what I would be doing tomorrow.  It was great to talk them and see them. I had really been missing them that day.  After saying goodnight to them I headed to bed myself.

            Wednesday morning, we were picked up and headed to the clinic.  There we met with Jacqui who was the Sales Manager there at the clinic.  He gave us a tour of the kitchen and cafeteria of the building which served over twenty-five hundred patients, staff, and family of patients everyday.  Afterwards, Jacqui took us to the other building of the clinic.

            In this other building, we met Patricio and Valther who run the kitchen operations for the building.  As we walked through kitchen they told us about their daily operations here.  They told us that unlike the other building they cooked for only the patients which was around eighty to one hundred per day.  After the tour we met with Jacqui and had lunch in the cafe in the clinic.  When lunch was finished we headed back to the headquarters.

            Back at headquarters we met with Julio Fernandez, the General Explorations Manager, who told us about Sodexo’s work in justice buildings here in Chile, specifically the prisons.  He talked about what he had planned for me as a project.  I, by myself, was to fly tomorrow morning to La Serena to observe Huachalalume Prison.  When he told me this I got very nervous and worried, not because I was flying but because I would be all by myself in a brand new place.  After I received all my information on my trip the next day Jen and I left work and head back to the apartment.         

           When we arrived back at the apartment, we decided to eat in to use up some of the food we had there.  After eating I called my parents and told them about what I would be doing tomorrow.  They reassured me and said everything would be ok.  I said thank you and that I loved them and head to bed to get some rest for my journey the next day.

            Thursday, a car picked me up from the apartment and took me to the airport.  Since I was only staying over one night, I only brought a carry-on and my backpack to make sure I would have my stuff when I arrived in La Serena.  The plane ride was very short at most forty minutes.  In La Serena there was a driver waiting for me to take me to the prison to meet with the manager there.

            Arriving at the prison I met Miguel, the general manager of operations of the prison.  Miguel gave me a brief presentation on basic information of the prison.  When finished we went and had lunch.  After lunch he showed me the external kitchen that cooked for office staff and the prison guards.  He also showed me the facility warehouses, such as food, maintenance, and launders.  After the tour I worked on my report of the trip until it was time to go to the hotel I would be staying at for the night.

            After settling into my hotel room, I decide to do some exploring around the area.  The street right outside of my hotel had a long plaza filled with sculptures of Grecian fashion.  After taking pictures of all the statues I walked up a couple of blocks to where the center of town was.  Here was where many of the old colonial building were.  It was starting to get dark so I was unable to get good pictures of the buildings.  With it getting dark I decided I should find a place to eat.  After walking up a street of shops, I found this little place called The Colonial Cafe.  I got a seat and looked at the menu, happy to find that it was also in English.  With many choices I finally decided on a Colonial burger, a burger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, fried onions, and a fried egg.  Just like the last sandwich I had gotten here in Chile this thing was huge!  Finishing the burger, I paid the bill and head back to the hotel to call me parents.

            At the hotel I went over some the information for my flight back to Santiago the next day and called by parents.  After talking to my parents for a while I wished them good night and headed to bed.

            Friday I headed back up to the prison to tour the inside of it.  Miguel showed me the hospital for the prison, which I found to have decently good equipment for a prison hospital.  After that we headed to the prison’s school.  I was very impressed with what they were teaching, some of it to be stuff that you possibly would not even receive at a regular school.  Miguel then showed me the two workshops where inmates could work for money, making aluminum and PVC windows.  After that I was shown the prison’s gymnasium, which looked just like any other gym I have seen in schools. 

            Finally Miguel showed me the central kitchen for the prison where all the food was made for the over two thousand inmates.  I walked around the kitchen observing and taking mental notes of what I liked and what I did not like.  As well as what I thought could be done to improve the operations.

            When the tour was over, we went for lunch and I went to my office and worked on the rest of my report for my visit there to the prison.  I was taken to the airport to head back to Santiago around five.  The flight left at about six thirty and I arrived back in Santiago a little after seven.

            Back at the apartment, I met back up with Jen and we were both feeling exhausted.  We both did not want to go out but did not want to cook.  So we finally decided to go out and get something.  One of the ladies in the office had told Jen about all these great places that were just a couple of blocks from our apartment.  We walked for a little, finding this place called Liguria, and we decided to give it a try.

            Walking in the first thing I noticed was the music playing, classic rock!  Guns N’ Roses, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, I was in absolute heaven.  We got a table and the waiter gave us menus, again I was unable to read anything it said.  Jen was able to translate some of it, pointing out a dish with shrimp in it.  I did not know what else was in it but I ordered it anyway.  While we waited for our food, Jen and I talked about what we did the last two days and what we thought the next two weeks would bring us at Sodexo.  Soon after this our food arrived and my dish was great.  It was sautéed shrimp in a herb lemon butter sauce.  When we finished, we headed back to the apartment and turned in for the night.

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Noah Smith and Jennifer Kern are in Santiago, Chile!

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Noah Smith is blogging from Santiago, Chile.  He and Jennifer Kern are doing an internship with Sodexo for the month of July.  Follow along on their adventures!  I hope to have some pictures soon.  His first blog is posted above.

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