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Back in Cyprus

October 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

I’m back home, in Cyprus. After traveling to Greece, Italy and Spain it is nice to come back to Cyprus.

Okay, so I left off in Rome… 

We went to the Vatican city, as I said we would. It was amazing. I saw the museum and the Sistine Chapel. The tour guide pointed out where the Pope lived and what windows. We saw the Basilica. It was all quite amazing, then we broke off and did our own thing. We did that a lot. We’d have tours and then just go off by ourselves to discover the cities. A group of us saw many churches when we went our separate ways. We also saw these arches and took this trolley thing back to the metro to our hotel.

(We went to Pisa for a couple hours to take pictures and had lunch there.)

We also went to Florence and explore the city of Florence. We shopped a lot there, many of my friends spent of bulk of their money in Florence. In Florence before we even got off the bus, the bus driver took us to see a panoramic view of the city and we saw an exact replica of the statue of David. It was quite amazing. The next day, we walked to the Uffizi Museum and took a tour with a tour guide there. Again, we had free time afterwards to explore, eat, shop, do whatever we felt like doing.

The next day, we went to Venice. In Venice, we walked around, took a gondola ride, and ate. The gondola ride was pretty cool. Sadly, one of our program coordinators got sick and had to get a room. The other one just walked around and shopped, that one loves to shop. Actually, I was one of the only ones who did not get a cold traveling. Everyone slowly got sick. Hopefully I won’t get sick now.

Next, we went to Barcelona. Barcelona was fun. We took a tour in the afternoon. We didn’t arrive until 12:30 am. )We did not spend a night in Venice.) We walked around in the morning and saw this church that had gothic, modern, and futuristic styles. The architect was Gaudi (sp?). We started walking to the beach but we had a tour at 4 and wanted to eat. So, two went to the beach. The rest of us found this amazing restaurant that was cheap and had the most amazing food. Then, we met up with the Global Learning Semester kids and their coordinator who were studying in Barcelona for the tour. They had been there a month already so they knew places and we hung out with them after the tour. We shopped in Barcelona as well. I did not buy much (what a surprise) but others spent a lot of money. There was a market where everything was 1 euro and it added up for some. The market was before the tour. We went to more expensive shops after the tour. I didn’t get anything (big surprise!).

We spent all today traveling to get back to Cyprus. Today was the only day our flights got cancelled. I believe the Athen’s airport was on strike (of course we’d fly through Athens), we flew there to get to Cyprus. We only had a two hour layover there, so we were worried we weren’t going to make it but the plane in Athen left a little late too.

All in all, my travel time was amazing. I loved the food, especially in Greece and Spain. I had more expectations for Italy but I still loved it. After being in all those countries I am really happy I chose Cyprus and get to go back to it. I love all the places I went and would go back in a heartbeat but Cyprus just feels like home. People are so nice here. 

Well, that’s it for now. Classes start tomorrow. I am very excited. Let you know how all that goes.

-  Megan

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  • 1 smichaels // Oct 5, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    What an amazing trip! Wish I was there! Let me know how things are going! Love the blogging!

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