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Aiya Napa Weekend

October 30th, 2011 · No Comments

I went to Aiya Napa this weekend. It was so beautiful and I am so glad we went. The hotel had this really awesome pool and the beach was right behind it. We went to the beach the first day. The water was so clear and it was warmer than the pool was.

The next day we rented bikes and took a 30 minute bike ride to the sea caves. It was so beautiful and I am so happy we went. The water was turquoise. We climbed down the rocks and went swimming in the beautiful water. It was even warmer than the beach. It was amazing. I loved it so much. We took pictures in the cave. People were cliff jumping. It was so high up; it made us nervous. All of us loved the caves and were so happy we took the time to go. I was so excited to go and I wasn’t disappointed. We split up and some of them got a ride back to the hotel, while a couple of us rode our bikes into this little town. The bikes were so annoying because they wouldn’t go up the hills. We had to walk them up. Then, we eventually rode back to the hotel. It was so nice and there was nice scenery.  Later, we all went out to eat and went out that night.

The next day we went to the beach and laid out. We went out swimming and some people made an epic sand castle. Then we checked out and put our bags in the luggage room. Then, went back to the beach and walked to these cliffs. Not as amazing as the sea caves but pretty cool. Some of us started to cliff jump. I did it once; it was pretty fun. It was scary standing there, you had to just do it and it was really quite fun. Then, we went and got changed and walked somewhere to get lunch along the beach. The food wasn’t so great but we had a fun time. We all walked to the hotel and some of us got some ice cream. Then, we got to the hotel and got on the bus to come back to Nicosia. The bus driver started yelling at us in Greek and we were just like, “um, we don’t understand you,” but he kept yelling. We just started saying, “Get Thanos” the GLS person who came with us. It was funny, because the night before, the taxi driver who took us home freaked out on us and started yelling at us. That’s a whole other story though.

I slept on the bus and all of a sudden we were at our apartments.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend and I loved Aiya Napa!

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