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Kim Vincent - Thursday May 24, 2012 Puerto Rico

May 26th, 2012 · No Comments

Visiting the senior center today was amazing! They welcomed us with open arms and were very interesting to talk to. I found that some of them have never left the island, but have children that live in the United States, I found this interesting that they have never left to visit them in the States. I also met a gentleman who was a 7 year cancer survivor, who received his treatment at the medical school here on the island. This was truly an amazing experience, and has definitely opened up a whole new outlook on senior care and what they call the “3rd generation”. They all seemed to enjoy the center and there are many activities available to them, like dominoes, pool, singing, dancing, etc. They were very lively and so enjoyable to be around! I learned that nurses here are called “Souls with keys”. I also noticed when touring the center that their wheelchair ramps go up several floors, as opposed to most in the US that usually only are to the entrance. Another thing I have noticed is that in the sinks in the restrooms that there is no hot water……this I have not figured out yet, but think that maybe because it is so warm and humid here that they are accustomed to just using the cold water. I use the cold water when showering and it is not super cold, but just right for the temperature and humidity that is here. (Just my hypothesis, but will check in to it further). The senior center was definitely a wonderful experience and truly made my mind think and see things in a different light, that makes me want to return to home to open a senior center like this. They were all so happy and energetic, not like some of the senior care places here in the US and it was so enjoyable see them enjoying themselves and wanting to continue life to the fullest! Kim SandorĀ 

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