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Norma Paisley - Sunday May 26, 2012 On the Streets of Old San Juan

May 28th, 2012 · No Comments

  What a great day!  We toured the Castillo de Felipe Del Morro, a castle built by the Spaniards int he early 1500’s.  I wish we had more time to wander and explore all the nooks and twisting staircases of this six level monstrosity. Later, we were cut loose on the streets of Old San Juan to experience the street festival, it was reminiscent of a county fair (Bloomsburg comes to mind) and there was lots to see and eat.  We wandered the streets just enjoying the people and the architecture.  The streets were very narrow and sometimes steep with a bar and/or restaurant on nearly every street.  Bricks of luminescent blue lined the streets and made the road look slick or wet. Houses are open, no glass windows, only iron gates that can be closed and locked, or rustic wooden doors were closed against public entrance.  Everyone just lives outside here.  There is no talk of television shows or computer games because outside is where your socialization occurs.  You greet everyone you make eye contact with, even if it is just a smile and a nod.  Many of those I had the opportunity to speak do not own a computer, or if they do, it is only for information and they laugh when you ask if they are on facebook!  We should so immersed in our family and neighbors.

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