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September 14th, 2012 · No Comments

The first couple of weeks of school have been crazy!  I am finally getting around to the next choice of where to go!  Today, I was thinking about all my friends from Japan and the fun it was for me the first couple of weeks of school.  The students would arrive at Keystone with little or no English.  Back in the day, most of the new students came from Japan.  I enjoyed so much getting to know them, learning their names and helping them with every day things we take for granted.  Everything was a challenge for them, but they were so excited to be here and learn everything.  Many of the Japanese students are now in their 30’s with families.  I have about 60 former Japanese students as friends on my Facebook.  Posted are pictures of their children and I so want to be there.  I would love to visit there and spend about 3 weeks traveling around Japan.  I would go from Tokyo to Yokohama to Mia to Sendai to Osaka to Kyoto and to Nara-Ken.  This is the route that I took last time when I visited there 10 years ago.  But this time, not only would I visit the alumni, but meet the families.  What a great time I would have!


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