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Kim Kaminsky -SundayMay 12, 2012, Mother’s Day

May 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Happy Mother’s Day from Puerto Rico.  Today we had class in the lobby of the condo’s.  During class while watching the beautiful ocean sights from the windowed wall we discussed everything we observed so far that pertained to Puerto Rico and Public Health.  We learned that many educational messages are primarily spread orally and you can see many trucks with loud speakers.  At first glance from the tourist view it seems many foods are fried.  However Puerto Rico has access to farm to table fresh foods like fish, fruit and pork.  It is important to cook foods in a way that decreases the bacteria count in such a warm climate.  The food is truly muy delicioso.
Later we visited El Morro, also known as the castle.  It is a tourist attraction and as built as a military base in the 17th century.  You can get a real feel for what it might have felt like to be a soldier as there are very little fences or barriers.  You can walk right to the edges and look at spots where cannon balls stuck in the castle while getting a look at the beautiful island and ships in the distance.�
Splash,  after the cold misty refreshing rain we splashed into the giant overflowing water that filled the cobblestone streets.  We ate pizza, drank coconut soda, and became intrigued by the historical and artistic statues throughout San Juan.

As night fell, we changed into our salsa attire and boarded el barco fiesta (party boat).  We danced the bachata, meringue, and salsa to various genres of musica which also included some of our well known pop culture music.  As a mother, the most memorable part was watching how the fathers and mothers were bonding with their children on the boat.  There was a father shaking his hips as this four year old mirrored his movements, a mother twirling her daughters and another embracing her baby while swaying to the beat.  This is just one more example of the feeling of closeness, and the importance of family that is prevalent in Puerto Rican culture.  I hope to exemplify this love back at home.  I wish others could feel the unique and special warmth within the culture.


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