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News from Jennifer Kern in Santiago - Week 1

July 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment

July 9th, 2013
Our first week in Chile was busy!  When we arrived, we had to find our taxi driver, get our luggage, and check into the hotel.  How hard can that be, right?  Well, when almost every person speaks another language, like Spanish, it is a major challenge and culture shock.  However, I was able to use my skills with Spanish immediately, starting with day one in the airport when we arrived in Santiago, Chile.
As we walked out of the airport in Santiago, we viewed the awe inspiring Los Andes mountains.  They were tall with snowcaps, reaching the sky.  I almost fell over just looking at them.  I soon found out the air was much colder, because the U.S. summer time, is Chile´s winter season.  It was funny to hear of barbeques on the fourth of July with 80 or 90 degree weather (fahrenheit), while wearing a scarf and winter jacket.  As Noah and I sat at a little Chilean restaurant, I kept my scarf on trying to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit to understand the temperature here.  As our week went by, we successfully bought some things in a grocery store, communicated with Chilean locals, and got in a routine with our internship at the main headquarters of Sodexo, for all of South America.  Everyone is very friendly and nice at the headquarters.  I have met a lot of people…most speaking Spanish, some speaking French, and a few speaking a little English.

Thinking back on our first week spent in Chile, the highlight was probably the weekend and seeing the Los Andes mountains.  During the weekend we found an artisan craft fair, went to dinner at a Chilean restaurant with a new friend we made through Sodexo, and were driven towards the Andes mountains to have lunch.  What an experience.  Chau, as they say here in Chile, for Bye!

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  • 1 smichaels // Jul 11, 2013 at 1:54 pm


    I am so glad that Spanish is coming in handy. I am very proud of you using your Spanish and speaking with the locals. There are so many ways to communicate. The blog is so much fun to read! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

    Dorothy Anthony

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