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Letter from Noah - Next Weekend in Santiago

July 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

            For the past couple days I have been trying to sit down and write about this past weekend here in Santiago.  Now finally on this dreary last day at the Sodexo office I find some time to look back on all we did.     

            The weekend officially started when we left the office around six and headed back to the apartment.  We had made plans with our friend Patricio and one of his friends to get together for dinner later that night.  At about nine thirty, we met Patricio and his friend Natalia then walked to a little Italian place on the street.       

            We all decided to get various types of individual pizzas to share with one another.  After a great dinner and wonderful conversation, Patricio asked if we were interested in going to a club nearby for some dancing.  We both happily accepted the offer and headed for the club. 

            The club was just like any normal nightclub you imagine when thinking of a nightclub.  Being a Friday night at about eleven thirty, the place was packed.  They played mostly Spanish music that had a good beat to dance to but I did not know what was being said.  However, for about an hour they played all pop hit songs from the US.  It was nice to hear some familiar music and funny to see the people singing along to it.  Even though they had no idea what was being said in the songs. 

            Time flew by as we danced and before we knew it was about four in the morning.  We decided to call it a night and headed to the apartment for some much needed rest. 

            Since we were out so late the night before, we spent most of Saturday catching up on sleep.  Later that day we were having a little get together and barbeque with Patricio, Walther, and his family.  We cooked up some chicken, pork, beef, and some Chilean chorizo.  As we grilled, we sat and talked about all kinds of topics.  Everything was fantastic and we were stuffed when it was all said and done.  After dinner we cleaned up and went back to the apartment for the night. 

            On Sunday we decided that since it was a nice sunny day here in Santiago, we would visit Cerro San Cristobal.  We arrived at the foot of the monstrous hill and decided to ride the funicular up the side of the hill.  The funicular or cable car sent us a little less than half way up the hill to the entrance of the Santiago National Zoo.  Inside the zoo we saw so many different animals, from a white tiger to penguins and everything in between. 

            After exploring the zoo for quite some time, we got back on the funicular and rode the rest of the way up Cerro San Cristobal.  When we arrived at the stop for the funicular, we got off and took in the breath taking view.  It was quite busy up here with many runners and bicyclists; I could never imagine biking all the way of this titan of a hill.  We did some shopping at the couple of stores up there.

            Having not actually reached the actual top of San Cristobal where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located, we continued up.  We finally reached the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary and where the seventy-two foot statue loomed over the hill.  After some pictures of the scenic view, we headed down San Cristobal to find a place for lunch.

            We decided to grab some lunch at Patio Bellavista.  During lunch we looked over some ideas for our last week here in Santiago. When we were all finished, we did some more shopping at the stores here at the patio. 

            It was starting to get late and dark so we decide to head back.  We hopped on a metro station and soon arrived back at our apartment.  The rest of the night was spent with dinner in and talking to family. 

            Monday we got up and Jen had some postcards she wanted to send to family so we were able to track a post office down.  After she had her postcards all stamped and sent, we started heading back to the apartment.  On the way we came across another artisan craft fair, where we browsed and purchased a few things for friends and family. 

            We wanted to check out the huge mall here in Santiago that was on the first few floors of the tallest building in South America.  So after dropping our purchases from the fair off, we walked up the street to the mall. 

            The place was overwhelmingly huge with seven floors of all kinds of shops and boutiques.  We were starting to get hungry for lunch so we got something to eat at this little cafe in the mall.  After we were finished we explored some more, bought some groceries and went back to the apartment. 

            We had made plans that night to meet up with this girl about our age who comes to teach English at the office.  At nine, we met her at this restaurant that Jen had found in her book that served a lot of different common Chilean dishes.  We sat and ate then two of her friends arrived to join us.  The one was from Ireland, now teaching English here. And the other was from London, studying Spanish literature here.  The five of us talked casually for a while and had a couple of beers.  It was getting late and Jen and I had to catch the metro yet.  So we said our goodbyes and head for the metro back to the apartment. 

            Tuesday, Patricio took us the central Santiago to see the old buildings and government buildings.  We stopped for lunch outside the Plaza de Armas, and then walked around the plaza.  At the plaza there was an old cathedral where we check out its artwork and design.  After the Plaza de Armas, we headed to the Cultural Center.  There we viewed some modern art as well as some old native Chilean artwork. 

            When we were done in the center of Santiago we headed back up toward our apartment.  On the way we stopped at Emporio La Rosa again for some ice cream.  We sat in the park for a while enjoying our ice cream. 

            It was starting to get to be late in the afternoon and Patricio was going to visit his sister.  So he dropped us of at our apartment and we said goodbye.  We spent the rest of the night at the apartment and I made chicken with an orange cream sauce and smashed redskins.  Jen and I both headed to bed at a fairly decent time to get some rest for work the next day.


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