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San Felipe Del Morro Castle by Kelly Moran

May 26th, 2015 · No Comments

Today we got to see the San Felipe Del Morro Castle, ate lunch at La Palmas, and got the chance to explore historical San Juan. To start off the day with the castle was amazing. It was huge with 6 levels with what seemed to mountainous sized steps. The spiral staircases were steep and narrow which aided San Juan’s military in their defense. It was built in the 1500s and the amount of character the building still holds is tremendous. Every crevice and every view from the waterside was surprising. We were told that making a trip to Disney World for a person living in the States is equally important to making a trip to this castle and flying a kite for Puerto Ricans. The strong winds outside the castle once blew ships over from Europe and Puerto Ricans share this experience with other families on the enormous field surrounding the castle. 

Next at lunch, we talked a lot about the culture in Puerto Rico because the transition of historic to modern day San Juan décor sparked conversation. We talked a lot about how being a homosexual here is still very hushed. It is extremely important to Puerto Ricans for them to have children because it reflects the family values centered around family. We learned that if a person’s significant other passes away, all of the inheritance does not go to them or anyone they allot it to. It gets separated into parts first.

We also talked about how it is unusual for people to sit down and eat with each other at a table in the informal way like we did. Puerto Ricans only sit with each other if they really like/love each other whereas half of us didn’t even know each other until this trip. Also almost every dish was served with either, rice and beans or some form of plantains.

Finally, when we went exploring the city on stone brick roads. It was over 500 years old and still standing and fully functioning which is unusual for cities in the States. We got to go into the shops and see the kinds of things being sold. Many of the foods were a lot different including foods mixing peppers and fruit, dehydrated fruit candies, and many things with coconut. The trinkets were small replicas of the Coqui, Three Kings- which stand for health, knowledge and prosperity- and jewelry made from local plants and earth materials. We had an awesome day filled with culture and excitement. Hope to come back on my on vacation to learn more soon!

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