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Chelsie and Julia’s Final Week

August 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Chelsie wrote:

Our last week was spent in Italy! Venice is one of the most unique yet beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. There are no roadways and cars…just boats and water everywhere! We stayed in an adorable bed & breakfast just outside the city of Treviso. It was very authentic and the couple who owned it were amazing! They were so helpful and they were like our parents away from home! Figuring out the transportation was difficult, but we finally got it after getting lost two hours north of Treviso. I guess that’s part of the learning experience! 

The culture is definitely different there…drinking wine is acceptable at any time of the day and dinner isn’t until 8-9pm. Cafes and bakeries are so common! Everything is closed on Sundays, and cafes open in the morning, then close all afternoon until dinner time. I definitely would love to go back to Italy someday! It is a very beautiful country and people are generally nice and helpful there. 

I miss London already and I cannot wait to go back someday! But landing back in the States and seeing my family was amazing and such a relief. This past month was indescribable. It’s hard to believe I visited 3 countries in a month. Being back home in the middle of nowhere makes it feel like it was all just a dream. I am incredibly thankful and being able to live a new life in the city of London really opens your eyes to so many new things. Even though they speak the same language as us, there is still many differences! I definitely came home from this experience with a better understanding and a more open mind about different cultures. That’s what makes traveling fun and it is honestly the greatest way to learn. If the world was all the same, there would be nothing new to look forward to. 



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