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Interns in London

June 28th, 2018 · No Comments

This summer, Cassandra Purcell and Laura Kern are interning with Sodexo in London.  Read about their exciting experiences below.

Blog from Cassandra: 

Interning abroad and sightseeing in London has been a great experience and lots of fun! It is now my last week interning. These are some of the assignments I had and what I researched and experienced.

The first weeks’ task was to explore the businesses of London on the high streets near two of the universities in which Sodexo partners with. There I gained insights about the young adult trending food market while designing a potential student restaurant business plan. The most obvious differences in food choices on high streets in London compared to America are the trend to eat healthier. This was most obvious in the creativity of packaging and labeling of food because of the persuasive words and color choices.

The second week consisted of touring student’s accommodations in Newcastle and Gateshead area. I found that college students look for similar highlights in their accommodations. That is, affordable, updated and convenient housing. The most obvious student accommodation difference is, in America most students share a room with one or two other people but students here all get their own accommodation room. 

During the last week I am researching social media accounts of universities and learning why student mental health matters. I found that Twitter is an essential marketing tool for universities to reach students and their families. It was most interesting to see the differences in how Sodexo student accommodations may recruit students compared to how universities recruit students. Sodexo shows its customers they are interested in the student’s well-being and living experience. However, universities tended to show off student success and use social media as a tool to spread the word of daily campus events. 

London has been amazing so far, giving me the opportunities to experience new cultures and ideas. Some of the places I got to see were the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Kew Gardens, Stonehenge, and Angel of the North. Surprisingly enough, I think I have seen more coffee shops than fish and chips restaurants! Next week Laura and I set off on out trips to France and Italy! 


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